One stop solution on APP, security internet of things (IoT) system and smart equipment to help business to create new customer connections and opportunities.


Unlock Efficiencies With Digital Transformation

Phyto Core IoT and cloud-based system offers new ways to drive productivity, engage customers and develop new business opportunities with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.

Smart Solutions For Insightful Data

Increase production uptime and reduce operational risks. Enable you to collect and analyse data from connected assets and people to deliver actionable insights in an industrial environment.

  • Connect new and existing devices across multiple protocols and standards.
  • Implement rigorous security standards to protect data at rest and in motion, apply detailed access controls, and monitor for malicious behaviour.
  • Gain meaningful insights to improve customer response, remediate underperforming processes, drive business growth.

Successful Case

The recent pandemic disrupting in the supply chain, and the shortage of qualified workers, that has stressed the industry to look for a more industrialized and technology-driven business model.

Phyto Core deploys the Farming Intelligent Technology system on a cluster greenhouses vegetable farm in Singapore by using various smart agriculture solution, to allow farmers to better control over the cultivation process, which makes farming more predictable and improves its efficiency.

Various Data, Collected By Smart Agriculture Sensors

Increased Operation Efficiency Through Process Automation & Equipment Remote Control

Data Analysis By Farm Management Systems

Insect Identification using Machine learning

Various Data, Collected By Smart Agriculture Sensors

Phyto Core deploys digital agriculture IoT sensors with a wireless network that sends data to the cloud-based data center for analysis and AI development.

Farmer can now better understand environment and soil conditions, plant growth and other factors, which can help farmer make better in-the-moment decisions.

Increased Operation Efficiency Through Process Automation And Equipment Remote Control

By using smart devices, greenhouse equipment can react automatically to the change of environment to give crops the ideal growing condition.

With the APP on handset, farmer can monitor the overall operation and control the equipment remotely, which is automatically recorded by the cloud system, and eventually improve the automation process.

Data Analysis By Farm Management Systems

Farming Intelligent Technology provides data analytics and reports with important information: crop cultivation models, harvesting time, the risks of diseases and infestations, yield volume irrigation, etc.

Farmers can achieve better control over the production process and maintain higher standards of crop quality and productivity through real time data record and analysis.

Insect identification Using Machine learning

The AI identification and machine learning technology to identify the pest or disease occurrences on the crops in the early stage, in order to avoid pollution by excess pesticide and ensuring food safety.


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